So, now that I am a grownup I finally got a grownup job. Back in Sept I started working at a little tech company in Tempe, AZ called GoDaddy. You may have heard of them : ) They are a domain name registrar/hosting provider/so much more. This voyage called life can be broken down into […]


When Did You Get So Big???

Sometimes I forget that I should be taking pictures of my son…like everyday. Pictures used to be cherished (like, in the case of a fire the very first thing you’d grab would be the family photo album) but now they are ubiquitous in the digital world and often taken for granted. Snapchat literally banks their […]

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Phoenix Summer

So… JUSTkidz was put on the shelf for what seems like AGES. Eons and Eons went by and I have finally put some time in (like 50 hours or so). This is what I came up with. It’s a song about youth, innocence, growing up in hellish AZ. For anyone who has known and grown […]

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So anyone who knows me knows that I love to write music. I spent some time with my bro’s in Vintage Squares and now I have embarked on my own solo project V.O.I.D. Check out my FAVE single ArtificialME on my YouTube channel and don’t forget to do me a solid and subscribe. Peace

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Another year in the books…

Today is my 34th. Spent most of it with my guy #jonasjazz. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without him. So this birthday goes out to my son. Thank you for teaching me, keeping me grounded, helping me get it together and giving me wonderful joy every day of my life. Older, wiser. Maybe. I sure hope […]

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Good Morning. What is going on everyone? There is clean air in the atmosphere. Breath it in…out…in…out. Feel good? Stellar. Just want to shout out about  my website . It’s kinda like my online business card that I built from the ground up. There are links to my YouTube channel and info about my voyage […]

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New Blog

This is my first official blog, maybe more will follow, we’ll see. I’m pretty new to this stuff but am excited to learn!!!

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