So, now that I am a grownup I finally got a grownup job. Back in Sept I started working at a little tech company in Tempe, AZ called GoDaddy. You may have heard of them : ) They are a domain name registrar/hosting provider/so much more. This voyage called life can be broken down into many mini-voyages that we embark on in order to challenge ourselves in different ways…to grow in areas that may be underdeveloped. For me this has been one of those mini-voyages.

Today is Thanksgiving 2017 so I thought it would be appropriate to mention how thankful I am to have a good job at a company that cares about it’s employees as much as it’s customers. GoDaddy has been such a BREATH OF FRESH AIR in my professional life. I wanted to give a shout out to the company and the culture (BE EXTRAORDINARY) that goes along with it. Everyone has been super awesome and I’ve even made a few friends along the way.


Bowen out

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